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Handyman trims wife’s hair using a spirit level – and people love the results

Lockdowns have forced many of us to make some risky decisions when it comes to our hair, but even with salons open again, it can often be less hassle to

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‘The cat got fed instead of us’: Simone Biles discusses her childhood hunger

Simone Biles and her family have opened up about her time in foster care and the process of being adopted by her grandparents in the latest episode of her Facebook

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Looking at tumors through a new lens

Neoadjuvant immune checkpoint blockade (ICB) is a promising treatment for melanoma and other cancer types, and has recently been shown to provide a modest survival benefit for patients with recurrent

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Volkswagen considering buying majority stake in Europcar

Germany’s Volkswagen confirmed on Thursday it is considering acquiring a majority stake in car rental company Europcar as it seeks to tap into the trend for consumers to rent rather

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A hacker has hacked Apex Legends to complain about Titanfall hackers

“[Titanfall 1] is being attacked so is Apex.” Titanfall fans have hacked Apex Legends in an effort to flag the attention of developer Respawn. Log into Apex Legends on PC

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Wedding guest upsets bride and groom by admitting cheesy menu ruined their day

Weddings are supposed to be happy days, especially for the couple getting married, and most wedding guests will do their best to make sure the newlyweds have a good time

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