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Joe Root targets T20 World Cup role and promises end of England reshuffles

Joe Root has promised that England will leave “rest and rotation” behind them and is aiming to take advantage of the development by pushing his way back into the Twenty20

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Acidic pH enhances butyrate production from pectin by faecal microbiota

Researchers from Tallinn University of Technology, Grete Raba, Signe Adamberg and Kaarel Adamberg showed that an acidic environment enhances the production of butyric acid from apple pectin by fecal bacterial

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Senior Japanese lawmaker accuses Toshiba activists of short-termism

A senior member of Japan’s ruling party on Thursday accused activist investors in Toshiba Corp of focusing only on short-term profits and called for better monitoring of such investors to

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Dead by Daylight hits a new concurrent user milestone of 105,000+ players

Dead By Daylight has hit a new record of over 100,000 concurrent players on PC during its fifth anniversary celebrations. The new record – which coincided with a 40 per

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Revolutionary Machine That Grows New Skin for Burn Patients Unveiled

A piece of skin the size of a nickel, when placed inside a revolutionary Swiss bioengineering machine, can create a skin graft the size of a manhole cover. Neither totally

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