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Weddings are supposed to be happy days, especially for the couple getting married, and most wedding guests will do their best to make sure the newlyweds have a good time on their special day.

But one Reddit user has admitted they caused a scene while attending their boyfriend’s mum’s wedding, after gorging on too much dairy produce had her running to the bathroom.

She wrote: “For dinner there was fancy brick oven pizza and salad and later there was a mac and cheese bar. Dessert was caramel brownie cheesecake or berry cobblers (I hate cobbler). You probably caught on that there was a lot of cheese. There were also charcuterie boards, so a whole ton of cheese.

“Don’t get me wrong, I like non-traditional weddings and the food was out of this world. But I went to the bathroom, feeling like I was going to die.”

The woman explained that after using the bathroom, she noticed the groom’s two daughters were “snickering” about her mishap, and decided it was time to say something to the newlyweds.

When her boyfriend’s mum asked her if she was enjoying the wedding, the woman didn’t hold back, stating that the couple should have considered “dairy sensitive” people when planning their wedding.

She added: “I said it was beautiful, but admitted I’d been in agony because of her menu, and she really should have had some more balanced options, because a lot of people are dairy sensitive.

“I then told the groom about what happened with his daughters. He just looked at me weird and then said it was his wedding night and he doesn’t want to hear [about it].”

The woman then revealed her boyfriend was “annoyed” by her comments, and told her to keep them to herself.

She said: “My boyfriend got annoyed and said I should have just lied, because you don’t complain to the couple at the wedding, but I feel like she should know for future parties, and he should know so he can talk to his daughters.

“[The bride] is on her honeymoon, so I don’t know if she is mad. She didn’t seem it, but a couple of my friends said I am the a**hole and it isn’t [her] problem.”

And it seems people in the comments agreed with the friends, as many of them told her she was out of line.

One wrote: “Nobody made you eat all that dairy, and no one cares if you hate cobbler.”

While another added: “My head is reeling over how self-centred you would have to be to complain to the bride.

“If dairy doesn’t agree with you – then don’t eat dairy! Ask the wait staff for something else or eat cheese-less pizza – figure it out.

“If the bride and groom ask you how you are doing you say ‘Great! It’s beautiful, you look beautiful!’ And then you ask them about their honeymoon and let them move along. Do not make your problems their problems!”